Northwest College Support of Coeur d Alene, Idaho
Northwest College Support of Coeur d Alene, Idaho

You Can Thrive at College, We Can Help

Northwest College Support is a comprehensive college support program and therapeutic transitional program for young adults. NWCS exists to help young adults transition to independence. Our students are transitioning to college and the world of work. Our students are transitioning from treatment programs, wilderness programs, and leaving their home environment. We are a caring and supportive team of dedicated professionals helping young adults find their path to success in college and independence. Based out of beautiful Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, Northwest College Support provides a wide range of supportive services to help students meet their potential as they attend college. The range of services provided is widely variable based on each student's needs and goals. Our services include Individual Psychotherapy, Educational Coaching, Life Skills Training, Nutritional Education, Fitness Coaching, and Life Coaching Services. Other services may include Family Therapy and Parent Education. Our approach is based on a growth model that provides an adequate amount of support. The amount of support provided decreases as each individual grows towards his or her potential.

Northwest College Support

The team at Northwest College Support combines experience in Special Education, Psychology, Counseling, Residential Treatment, Psychotherapy, Nutrition, Nursing, Life Coaching, and Educational Coaching. We combine these experiences to create a team that is adaptable and able to support individuals through this important life accomplishment. Our team consists of a Psychiatrist, School Psychologist, Counselors, Social Workers, Educational Coaches, Life Coaches, and a Nurse. We understand the importance of creating meaningful relationships with each and every one of our students.


“ Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.” ~ John F. Kennedy

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